About The Book

Every woman has an intimate story to tell, whether it be an awkward first date, a meaningful long term relationship, or a month long tryst that crashed and burned. These experiences, whether you know it or not, all serve to shape and influence the person you are today. Not one experience is a waste of time and only if you’re willing to reflect on them, will you discover the hidden truths and invaluable lessons the universe always intended for you. That casual hook up you didn’t expect to fall for, the heartthrob that unceremoniously dumped you or the crazy nut bar you almost got a restraining order against? We know those guys. They have been the stories we told our friends, and though some a painfully raw, they are honest. They are us. This book takes you through a whirlwind of motions and hilarious encounters in our quest to find the ultimate unicorn. In this candid tell-all, we reveal the good, the bad and the wonderfully orgasmic in hopes that our experiences will help you on your own journey as you navigate through the dating world.

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